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NKGONLINE is Hyderabad based web services provider which is maintly into the business of Web application Development. Apart from this,we are running few web portal that cater the needs of different segments. www.IdontWantDowry.com, www.Jobs4challenged.com, www.Site4ngo.com, www.saikoti.com, www.bhagavadgeeta.com, www.sanskrittv.com , IndependenceDayBash.com, FindTheDupe.com RTIarchive.com are few portals we are holding now. We have also partnered with Telugu100.com which offers 100 vertical portals in Telugu.Please feel free to write us.

115B , Vengalarao Nagar ,


Phone Numbers: 040 40186514 , Customer support for IdontWantDowry.com :9885810100 , Customer Support for Telugu100.com : 9885 110110 . Email: nkgonline@gmail.cm




Welcome to NKGONLINE a Hyderabad based web services provider.

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